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In 2009, attacks from Asia increase especially against big american companies. VeriSign, bought by Symantec, think then about a way to protect companies and webusers from malwares and announce the lauch of a new product.

The target: Let professionnals keep or regain their clients trust.

The SYMANTEC SAFE SITE is the guarantee of an optimal level of security (daily scan allows malware detection in the code source of the web site). It reassures webusers and makes easier traffic towards Internet sites.

Concerned public:

  • Companies that want to protect themselves or their customers from malware attacks

Increase traffic:

Get a 10% increase of your sales with the Symantec Safe Site!

White paper 
  • Seal-in-seach: instant visual identification from the Norton Seacured Seal
    The logo appears in the search results of Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 or AVG software owners, some of the most popular security solutions in the word. The visibility of your website can then be immediately enhanced!
  • Symantec Safe Site on the major pages of the site (home, pre-order page...): reasures the webuser who will navigate trustfully on the site

The partners :

Norton Antivirus - SymantecAVG AntivirusSymantec

Webusers using Symantec security software (such as Norton Internet Security and Norton 360) or AVG (with almost 110 millions of users) see browers results a bit differentlty (see here under).

Seal-in-Search - The Symantec Safe Site appears in the search results, it creates a strong visual impact


HeatMap Google - here is the general behavior of webusers. They tend to click the first results.

With a Symantec Safe Site that behavior changes. They are attracted by the websites owning a Seal, even the ones that are below in th page.

Reach commercial target:

  • Take advantage of the Symantec brand image, which is trusted
  • Increase online conversions
  • Reduce online shopping cart abandonment
  • Delivered along with Symantec SSL certificates

What webusers see:

Symantec Safe Site:

You can choose among several seals:

  • 12 languages available including french and english
  • 3 logo sizes: small (100x72px), medium (115x82px) and large (130x88px)
  • 2 formats: static (gif) or dynamic (flash)

The Symantec Safe Site, clickable, shows different information concerning the site:

  • Domain
  • Domain owner
  • Last scan result

To sum up: the difference between Symantec products

Symantec Safe Site with SSL certificate
Technical features Secured transactions and identified owner
For which sites ? Sites that collect sensitive data
Data encipherment yes
Safety lock display yes
Website malware scan yes
Sales department
+44 330 684 0000

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